How Many Pairs of Jeans Do You Have?

I know Sandy is bearing down on the East Coast (Prayers to all my friends out there. Don’t be stupid. When the powers that be say leave, leave.), and there are more pressing and important matters at hand.

But I’ve almost emptied my inbox, and the sun is shining. Which means I start to look around my office and notice all of the dust and clutter that cloudy days seem to hide so well. And I’m wondering how many pairs of jeans my readers and friends have.

We recently had a garage sale, and did some major purging of a household that I thought was fairly purged. But when you start thinking that someone will pay you money for things around your house I am more apt to make quick decisions. The extra rug that we might need just in case? Garage sale. The shoes that I bought at rummage/bag sale that I wore a few times resulting in vanity pain? Garage sale. The bath bomb that went unused because I don’t take baths? Garage sale.

I am an organizing freak. I don’t like clutter. I have a list of personal projects, home maintenance projects, Pinterest projects, etc. I don’t scrapbook, but I have a binder system to keep each child’s important papers from each school year. My shoes are in clear plastic boxes with labels. My shirts are hung according to sleeve length and color.

I told you I am a freak. (Local friends, I don’t judge you and your homes. I’m only a freak about my own space.)

But the battle is never won. One of the bigger battles (minus the color, sleeve-length, shoe box thing) happens to be my closet. I enjoy shopping and finding a great deal. My favorite places to shop are not the outlet stores but the resale shops and garage sales. Yesterday I stopped at an estate sale and nabbed two great glass dishes, four cans of spray paint, three vintage ties, a pair of pjs, a paint roller, and a beautiful old copy of the Book of Common Prayer for $8. I’ve learned to buy with purpose, each item, even the vintage ties, are going to be put to use within the next month.

But when it comes to clothes, I have a more difficult time (I know, first world problems) discerning what is a good range of “stuff” to have. I also keep clothes for a long time (my favorite and only Benetton sweater from high school is now in my daughter’s closet!). I am mindful of the family budget. I don’t want to put too much emphasis on external beauty, but I like being put together.

So I am curious, how many pairs of jeans do you own? I think my husband owns three pairs. He spends most days in scrubs and then another chunk of time in running gear in prep or recovery. I own six.

Again, no judging. How many pairs of jeans do you own?


  1. Larissa October 29, 2012

    8. Eeek! I attribute that number to love of jeans, and weight fluctuations due to pregnancy.

  2. Erika November 8, 2012

    Three,but one has holes in the knees and the other are too short so I need to get more… But jean- shopping is just awful. It makes me feel fat/short/curvy/short/did I mention I am short but not stick thin?

  3. between worlds November 8, 2012

    I’m not sure how many I have – maybe 6? – but this post made me wish I could know you in person and not just on screen. we sure do have a lot in common!

    • Kathy Khang December 3, 2012

      Perhaps one day we will actually interact in person! Until then, I am grateful for our technologically-fueled connection!

  4. taylorynorris January 14, 2013

    Kathy I love your blog! Blue jeans? As in, not corduroy? I have 4. Skinny, boot cut, boot cut, flare.

    • Kathy Khang February 5, 2013

      Thanks for the love, Taylor! My friend just gave me a pair of hers. They were too short for her. They fit me perfectly! 🙂

  5. bahkhan March 5, 2013

    Kathy! I know this is an older post, but I am catch-up reading on your blog!

    I also LOVE to throw things out, but when it comes to my closet, I am terrified of throwing out anything! Even if I am 99.9% sure I will never wear something again. I have panic attacks when I look for something I bought years ago and can’t find it. Not even to wear, just to make sure I still have it.

    Every time my mom comes to visit, I send her home with suitcases full of clothes I love or once loved. This feels okay to me because it doesn’t feel like I’m throwing anything away. I’m just – repurposing my clothes, keeping them in the family, confirming that they will be loved and worn. But I still like to check up on them. Just in case.

    I’ve only cleaned out my closet in a big way twice in my life – once before college, and once before finally moving in with Nate. Both times, I had to do it with someone who could assert some control over the situation to make sure I actually put things in the donation piles. And everytime I’ve moved, I’ve lost clothes – a pair of pants, a drawer full of sweaters, an entire collection of new bathing suits… and it takes me months and months to get over that loss. So. Painful.

    Soooooo….. if you count just denim (so no cords, chinos, cargos), then I count 13. I think I only actually wear 3 on a daily basis.

    I know. I’m insane.

    So, the good news: I have banned myself from shopping for the next six months, with accountability partners and all. I’ve put that money aside to give to causes that I know will not spend it on a 14th pair of jeans. 🙂 It’s the first time I’ve really made a commitment like this to God and to myself. We’ll see how it goes….!

    • Kathy Khang March 5, 2013

      Well, dearie, I would be happy to help you cull your closet by taking some of those adorable clothes you aren’t going to wear! And if you are looking for a few good causes, I know of a few IVCF staff who could use some donations 😉

      Seriously, we all have quirky ways of working out our issues. I think it’s great that you have committed to a six-month spending fast with accountability. You have to work into new ways of thinking and acting. It doesn’t just come because you wish it were so.

      And for the record, I don’t think you are insane. You just have a lot of denim!


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