Great Eats in Chicago?

This is to help SueAtGraceCorner:

If you could take visitors to only one restaurant in Chicago, where would you go? And no, no magic restaurant fairy would be footing the bill. You would. They are your guests.

A lovely meal for a party of five…



  1. anthonygiron December 16, 2009

    Oh man, just one? Probably Hot Doug’s, because it’s such a unique place.

  2. Phantom Dentist December 16, 2009

    Great Seas on Lawrence Ave.

  3. DS December 17, 2009

    How many guests?

  4. Calvin Chen December 17, 2009

    lou malnati’s

  5. Kathy Khang December 17, 2009

    From Patty:
    Harold’s Chicken, Buffalo Joe’s, Great Seas, Giordano’s, Portillo’s, etc. Now I’m REALLY hungry! 🙂

    From Melissa:
    I could never ever pick just one. I agree with Patricia about deep dish pizza and Portillo’s, but there are sooooo many great restaurants in the city. If it was summer I’d go to Piccolo Sogno…which has one of the best outdoor seating places in the city. There’s also Lawry’s Prime Rib and the
    Chicago Chop House and Gene and Georgetti’s. A fun lunch is at Mighty Nice Grill…God I could go on and on but I’m kind of a restaurant nut. I almost forgot, Ed Debevic’s!

    From Roger:
    Jim’s Original

    From MJ:
    Zia’s Italian – Efison Park; Renga Tei (sushi/Japanese)- Lincolnwood/Skokie; Tapas Barcelonas – Evanston; Dixie Kitchen (southern) – Evanston; Cafe Iberico (tapas) -Chicago; Fontera Grill – Chicago

    Unique, great atmoshpere, yummy food! Check please!

    From Daniel:
    Heaven on Seven

    From Roxanne:
    Conte Di Savoia Italian Deli on Taylor Street…best Prosciutto and Provolone sandwich!

    From Sarah:
    Reza’s for the biggest and best persian food, joy yee’s in chinatown(not evanston location), Stanley’s in lincoln park for weekend brunch, TOAST for breakfast, and of course, portillos for a great chicago dog and cake! oh how i miss chicago!

    From Amy: a unique pizza experience: Chicago Pizza and Oven Grindery, 2121 N CLark St. Think pizza stew in an upside down bread bowl. You’ve never had anything like it and it’s not a chain which is a high priority for me (cash only). Hope you have fun. (I agree with shannon it’s way to hard to pick. Since I can’t bear to name only one: on another side of the spectrum, and city: Tamarind on South Wabash for all things Asian. This food is really delicious AND they have rockin desserts, unlike most asian places–to my tastes anyway.

  6. Eric December 18, 2009

    Heaven on Seven off of Rush/E. Ohio! Get stuffed and then go walking North/South on N. Michigan Ave.

  7. SueAtGraceCorner December 18, 2009

    Wow, thanks for all the great suggestions! Some are already on my family’s list of favorites, but you’ve given me enough new ideas for several more trips to Chicago!

    Do others agree with Sarah that Joy Yee’s is the place to go in Chinatown?

    • Kathy Khang December 18, 2009

      I love Joy Yee’s Chinatown location, but we like Three Happiness for dim sum (but it’s been a loooonnng time since we went out for dim sum)…do you like bubble tea? yummy! I’m so hungry after re-reading the list of suggestions. I’m already thinking ahead to breakfast…gotta make me some baked oatmeal!

      Have a great visit! And let us know where you went (and what you ate)!

    • anthonygiron December 23, 2009

      Joy Yee’s is the place to go for Bubble Tea, but I’d opt for Ken Kee for food. Their honey and black pepper short ribs and spicy salty friend chicken wings are beyond description. And I’d vote for Won Kow for dim sum, but I have no idea what I’ve ordered there. I’ve always been with people who did the ordering for our group. -=]


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