Christmas Catalogues

It’s that time of the year. Our mailbox overflows with catalogues. It may be Jesus’ birthday but why not pick up a few gifts for yourself?

One of my favorite holiday catalogues is from Heifer International. We’ve been flipping through the pages of cute animals and compelling stories of families finding their way out of poverty and despair through a gift of a goat while the kids start singing, “Everybody has a water buffalo. Mine is fast and yours is slow…”

The one catalogue that continues to perplex me is the Victoria’s Secret catalogue. No. I will not put a link for that. Duh. I’m all for pretty, well-fitting undergarments. And I love getting the $10 of any purchase coupons to help stock up on free, pretty, well-fitting undergarments.

But I must be naive because I would never ever have imagined being able to make a model in a wool-blend pea coat look like she’s selling sex. It’s a wool-blend pea coat!?!

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