Would You Vote for Michele Bachmann

Personally she and some of her supporters scare the bejesus out of me. Revisionist history should scare everyone. However, the strength of the Tea Party is evident in this ridiculous budget stand-off/show-down, and this morning our friend, Margaret Feinberg, contributed to The Washington Post in a roundtable that discusses the issue of Biblical submission, servant leadership, women leaders, and the changes taking place in conservative Christianity. The article looks at questions including:

How do modern evangelicals understand biblical teachings on women’s roles? (I am a sucker for this question every time.)

How would a President Bachmann balance biblical submission and political leadership?

Check out the article here: http://wapo.st/oJoR8K


  1. mark Stewart August 1, 2011

    It should not matter, there is that division of church and state… Bachmann is first and for most an opportunist and on balance she has no real political power. The tea party has only a media driven base and when the main stream of politics bores with them, they will be gone. Biblical submission and political leadership? A wider circle and a broader template; do you really think a world leader; A president should be thinking about biblical submission? I think you may want to reread our “Constitution” and about our founding fathers and what they envisioned. Believe in, what you will but, politics and matters of faith only lead to more war. Are you hungry, can I help you get some aid, is that water clean?????? Of all the Questions to ask you chose this one?

    • Edward A. Hara September 15, 2011

      As a Christian, I really could care less about what a bunch of radical misfit Deists like the Founding Fathers wrote. Their rebellion against legitimate authority, including and especially that of the Church, is something I as a follower of Christ can well do without. I have this strange desire to go to Heaven instead of the place that God consigns for rebels, Masons, and those who generally have no time for God such as the Founding Fathers.

      If you claim to be a Christian, then indeed you should want a leader in this country who is deeply concerned to apply the principles of Christ to every facet of his leadership. Unfortunately, right now we have a bunch of right-wing whackos whose ideals are only partially consistent with that which Christ taught. Somehow they have mistaken Jesus for Zeus, Greek god of war, which is why I hate voting for Republicans. Sadly, my only other choice seems to be Democrats who have no concept of biblical morality at all, thus, I cannot vote for them under pain of mortal sin.

      The reason that we are experiencing the problems we are in this country is that both the Right and Left have disdained biblical principles for money, power, and their own agendas. Don’t expect change for the better any time soon. God is not mocked. When Capitalism, homosexuality, and greed cease to be our gods, then perhaps we will see the blessings promised by
      God in His scriptures to obedient children

  2. What frightens me about conservative women in political leadership (ie. trying to become President of the United States) is that either a) she doesn’t really believe in the submission verses in scripture or b) she does and she will (though she won’t admit it publicly because it would kill her career) submit to her hubby. Why don’t people see the hypocrisy?

    • Kathy Khang August 22, 2011

      I agree with you, Melody. I find it vexing, to say the least. Is it that male headship doesn’t apply outside of the Church and family? How does it apply when calling & career draws a woman outside of the family into, say, politics? And, how do conservative women explain their support of another conservative woman when she’s running for POTUS and not chairwoman of the women’s ministry?

  3. Lisa August 21, 2011

    someone told me the other day she and her husband are alums of our fine organization. i just googled it and it’s true.

    • Kathy Khang August 22, 2011

      Hmmmm. I think that is why I am in campus ministry and not politics. I find it relatively easier to love the campus than it is to love our politics and politicians.

    • Calvin Chen September 27, 2011

      I want to cry


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