What is Proper Attire For Becoming An American

This one is just for fun. Really. Fun.

At the bottom of my Form N-445, Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony is the following statement:

Proper attire should be worn

So, what do you think is proper attire? What would you wear if you were becoming an American citizen? Blue jeans – nice ones that look tailored? Jeggings, yay or nay? My hanbok might be over-the-top, right?

And yes, I will post a photo after the ceremony.


  1. Ben January 26, 2010

    A comment.


    And… now to resume lurking…

  2. Stuart Ciske January 26, 2010

    Nothing says American more than your old Pom Pon uniform:)

    • Kathy Khang January 26, 2010

      Stu! Do I need to moderate your comments?! 😉

  3. Beth January 26, 2010

    don’t forget your cowboy boots!

  4. Lisa January 26, 2010

    I’ll make this easy for you. Whatever your LOST costume was going to be for the party, wear that.

    Nothing says American like dressing up in weird Sci-Fi series costumes. 🙂 The weirder the better.

    Start sewing a Dharma suit with Kathy sewn on the front.

  5. Larissa January 26, 2010

    An American flag.

  6. Spiny Norman January 27, 2010

    Just say “no” to jeggings!


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