Turkey, Dressing (not Stuffing) and Kimchee

We’re just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving. It is the one time each year I bust out the wedding china and wish I had a double oven. We go all out with everything from scratch except for the dishes at our table I’m sure weren’t included at the first Thanksgiving.

Our family has been known to enjoy sashimi, kimchee, rice, spicy tofu, chapchae, bulgogi, kalbi and other yummy Korean or Asian-inspired dishes alongside roasted turkey with all the fixings. Fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks. 

So what does your Thanksgiving table look like, smell like, taste like? And feel free to share recipes if you’re game! I’m kind of in a rut with the usual sweet potatoes, dressing and cheezy broccoli casserole.

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  1. Kathy November 27, 2010

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