Blog designs, searches and tag – you’re it

I have yet to get the hang of this blogging thing. I’ve been told that writing posts in advance is one way to keep things moving along. Note to self.

Blog designs: Some of you blog or read more blogs than I do. Any suggestions on a new design? I want to go with a design that archives monthly and has more on the side that helps me and others see things in an orderly fashion. And it has to look pretty.

Searches: So reading your blogs stats can be a funny thing. I can see what search word combination folks used and ended up at my blog. The funniest and slightly disturbing one: “Kathy Khang sex talk”. I was back at Wheaton to do a bit of Q/A at the invite of the sophomore class, and they presented me with the event publicity poster. Black background in red letters: The Sex Talk Lady is Coming Back! Too bad I can’t put it up on the wall in my office yet. Maybe in a few years.

For those of you who blog, what was is the funniest or slightly disturbing search that has lead someone to your blog?

Tag: How do tags and categories help? Will it all make more sense when I switch designs?


  1. benjamin park December 5, 2008


    I’ve had a good experience with so far: google offers webmaster tools, and the layout is pretty easy to work with.

    By the way, some people from my church who came out to your talk in Seattle were really impressed! We’d love to know when your next speaking engagement in the Northwest is.

    Ben Park

  2. Antioxidant coffee December 17, 2008

    I prefer WordPress, its quite simple and works great.


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