Four Eyes and No Bridge

So where is a girl to get a hip pair of glasses with nose pads?!

My daughter is beautiful – inside and out. She has these crazy dimples that look like we poked her with a pencil and this infectious giggle. She also has great hair that takes a day to dry.

And she was genetically doomed as both Peter and I are nearsighted. She finally failed the school eye exam so we went to get a full exam done having already predicted the end result – glasses.

She tried on half the store’s inventory, vogueing every step of the way, and finally picked these very fun pink plastic frames. After about 30 seconds she realized they weren’t going to work because they kept sliding down because the frames were designed with some other kind of face in mind.

Undeterred she finally found a cute black and red pair of glasses with nosepads – which after two hours of adjusting still don’t sit correctly on her face.

The eyeglass tech person seemed rather annoyed and tried to end things by saying, “Well, she doesn’t have much of a bridge now does she?”

Fortunately my filter worked because the thoughts didn’t come out of my mouth but simply hung in the air in the invisible thought bubble: “And your point is?”

So, Bethany likes the glasses (and thankfully her nose) but hates that they don’t actually fit well. We can’t be the only ones. What have you all done to keep myopia from cramping your style?


  1. Elmndriel May 17, 2007

    I am Filipino and have the flattest nose in the world. I have the most Filipino of Filipino noses.

    Let me put it this way: I can balance a book on my face. No, not my head, but my FACE! 🙂 I used to hate it because my parents and brother have Norwegian-German-English noses. But now I’m cool with it now. Having a button nose makes you look younger after all. 🙂

    When I was in third year, my parents needed to get my glasses. I tried on half the store. The eye doctor understood my plight and got us this special nose pad. The nose pad was connected from one side to the other. That worked okay. When I was fifteen, my parents got me contact lenses. A lot of Asian girls who are eyesight-impaired get contacts when they’re old enough. Which is why you see lots of Asian chicks with cool coloured contact lenses. Or lenses with stars in them. Or flowers.

    Good luck on your daughter’s eye glasses!

  2. Pepy3 May 22, 2007

    I am not Asian, to the best of my knowledge, and my family has that problem too. I’ll ask my brother-in-law the opthalmologist if there’s any help for us all!


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