You Can’t Make Me But You Might Make Me Want To…Watch This

I tease my husband mercilessly about our obnoxiously large television that is mounted on the wall above the fireplace where a lovely family portrait used to hang. I should stop making fun of it because the tv paved the road to…a DVR – multiple shows recording automatically waiting for life to catch up to fantasy, sci-fi, reality tv, comedy, etc.

We all know that I watch LOST. (Finale party has already been scheduled, btw. If you live in Chicagoland, e-mail me for an invite.) But you may not know that I also watch Brothers & Sisters, Glee, parenthood and FlashForward. But that’s it. After those five hours of television have successfully recorded, I’m fine. We don’t always get to the show right away. We actually spent the dreary weekend watching Parenthood since we couldn’t do much in the garden.

But what else is out there worth watching? What are your top recommendations? Could there be anything else worth coveted space on the dvr?


  1. awwwjin May 2, 2010

    i love LOVE community! a staff friend who staffs at a community college recommended the show when it first came out, saying that all the social dynamics are accurate to what goes on at a CC campus.

    one of my favorite things about the show is abed, one of the main characters- he’s the comic voice of sanity and truth under a socially awkward demeanor. the abed-troy duo is a must watch 🙂

  2. mark May 3, 2010

    I’m surprized by you, you are a good writer. AMC American movie clasics runs some of the best cinima ever writen. Real classy stuff. Though if your not a tv fan I can understand why that doesn’t get you excited. Lost is not what I would call “good writing” or “acting” but I too have found myself watching lost marathon on th sci fi channel. I found the story only worked for me because of the way the writers stagared the story line.

    There are the sport channels, news channels… I love msnbc. Local news is bent on advertising. Then you have the countless movie channels that all take their turn at running good movies. I suppose like so many who are bringing up children, you don’t have the time for a lot of that. Though there is so much trash to get through it could seem too much. The thing is that your choices don’t end there you also have your faith based programing as well. Not to mention all the great old reruns on so many of the diferent netorks it can make your head spin clear off.

    All you need do is turn it on to get lost for a bit. I suggest you get satalite, Direct TV. It is a bit more expensive but the service is strong. When it all gets too much I alway read a book or go on line. I like to play on line poker from time to time…

    • Kathy Khang May 4, 2010

      Surprised? Why? Because my tv tastes are bit low-brow 😉 My husband is a movie-buff and has made it his mission to make me sit through his favorites. I have never been able to sit through Brazil but if you splice together all of the parts I’ve seen, I think I’ve seen the entire film.

      But I love LOST. Some of the writing is just “meh” but there have been enough episodes/scenes where the writers perfectly capture a truth or emotion. And, after all these years I need to see this relationship through.

  3. Kacie May 3, 2010

    If you like history, the miniseries John Adams was great, but I rented it on DVD.

  4. Lisa May 3, 2010

    Since we like many of the same shows, I recommend the Office and 30 Rock. I started watching them on hulu in May when my in-laws were visiting and I was cloistered off the guest room nursing. I used to think it was too late for me to get into these shows and that they really were not funny because I didn’t know the humor or the characters, but you get to know them fast.

  5. Leigh May 3, 2010

    You should add Chuck and The Office to your list. I’ve been watching V and find it interesting but not sure if it’ll stay that way. I can’t wait for the Lost finale!

  6. Kathy May 10, 2010

    We watch a decent amount of TV. Sometimes, it feels too much!

    Something not mentioned yet is The Good Wife.

    Others have said it already, but The Office is great. We had watched the BBC version years ago, but didn’t get into the American version until we got DVR in the fall. Now we’re all caught up between all the reruns played on Fox and TBS!

    I don’t know if 24 is your thing, but I have been a devoted fan for years now. Only rent and watch seasons 1 & 2 and maybe 7 (last year).

    And lastly, we just started getting into Arrested Development. Definitely lots of laughter!


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