Keep It Simple, Stupid: Going Green (2)

Eating out is a luxury. I’m not sure if my internal compass will sway so far as to keep me from dining out because of the carbon footprint my favorite eateries create or the non-sustainable foods used at said eateries. But having two out of three kids easily eat off the adult menu does make it easier to avoid eating out. 😉

That being said, I do some crazy things when we do eat out. I bring home as much of the recyclable trash as I can. We ask for glass instead of the kids’ plastic cups, but when we forget to make the request the cups and lids all come home to be used or recycled.

And the crayons, kids’ paper menus and rubber bands that wrap the crayons to the cute menu come home to be re-used or recycled.

I have a friend who has gotten in the habit of taking plastic containers to restaurants so that her family’s leftovers don’t go into a non-recyclable carry-out container. I’m not there yet.

Do any of you have any other tips for going green when eating out?


  1. Kacie April 27, 2010

    Don’t eat out fast food? 🙂 Eat out at tiny ethnic dives – they usually use minimal packaging.

    • Kathy Khang April 27, 2010

      We try to avoid fast food, though every now and then I cave. French fries. Yummy.

      The only problem with the dives that I can think of is that it’s almost always more food than I can eat, which is a lot more than some think 😉 Unfortunately that is part of the appeal for me – almost two meals for the price of one, plus the environmental impact of one more takeout box.

      Bottom line – eat out less?


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