You Can’t Make Me But You Might Make Me Want To…Read This

Bloggers blog to have an outlet for the many thoughts cooped up in their heads. At least, that’s what I’d like to think. Sure, there are some who think their writing will compel thousands to instantaneously subscribe to their blog, which then leads them to fame and fortune.

I blog because I love to write, and it’s a bonus when my writing is good enough that it connects with you, challenges you, annoys you and makes you want to keep reading. The weird thing with blogging is that most bloggers I know want people to read their posts. You make it fun in a different way. The comments let us know you’re there, but there are ways to know that there are silent ones who read as faithfully as they can. Thank you. We/I can get needy that way, wanting readers. We’re very vain that way. We figure if we write it, it surely must be worth reading. But with a bajillion blogs out there it’s easy to get lost and be very lonely.

So in the spirit of broadening our RSS feeds, I’d love to know what blogs – other than More Than Serving Tea, of course – you follow and why.



  1. alice April 18, 2010

    I follow a number of race blogs because we don’t talk about race enough in the MidWest to satisfy and grow my intellectual and personal interest and growth. Its good to have a healthy diet of “voices” to keep a person thinking. Notables include:
    – – An asian american feminist grad student who blogs on race in the US, her blog server is down this weekend unfortuntely! Good to insert an AA female voice in a predominately male AA blogosphere.
    – – Asian American sociologist who always has the most interesting recent stats and research on race deomographics and news.
    – – An alternative news outlet that highlights news stories that break related to minority individuals or groups. I follow news categorized to Asians.
    – – for all race and culture related news! While I don’t always agree with what is written, the perspective keeps me thinking!

    I also follow a number of Asian American Christian bloggers and favorite IV staff friends.

    I follow just for fun!

  2. JDeng April 18, 2010

    ho boy, you asked for it; I’m an avid blog/RSS reader to the extent of bordering addiction ๐Ÿ˜› I’m a thinker, so it’s a fun hobby of mine. On my Google Reader I have 104 subscriptions. They are categorized into 5 sections:

    1. Think – mostly theological or culture-related blogs (of which yours is one), basically anything that sharpens my mind toward God. Examples are nextgenerasian church, and pastors’ blogs.
    2. Friends – friends’ blogs, because everyone has one!
    3. Fun/Optional – funny blogs like Stuff Christians Like, friends’ facebook shared items (yes, there is an RSS feed for that!), etc.
    4. Deals – deals online! Stuff like, Woot deals of the day, etc.
    5. News – just feeds from Reuter’s and BBC global news frontpages.

    I could copy all of these websites for you here, but I think that would be overkill ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re interested in some specific ones though, feel free to ask!

    Your blog is great Kathy! It’s great to have insight into a fellow Asian-American’s life, especially one that is older than I am and has walked some roads already. It definitely helps shape my ideology of what God wants to use me for as a mixed-culture person ๐Ÿ™‚ so thanks!

    • Kathy Khang April 18, 2010

      You have categories for your 104 subscriptions?! I’ve resisted the RSS reader urge because I know myself too well…but it’s so tempting….104?!

      How about you name your favorite (or the one you most-recommend) for categories 1-3?

      Ready? Set? GO!

      • Josh Deng April 19, 2010

        well I certainly can’t just name one for each! I’ll give you a few, here goes:

        Think – the ones I don’t tend to merely skim are:
        Al Mohler’s blog
        A blog by an Australian-Chinese youth pastor; the majority of his stuff is on Australian-born Chinese culture and how Chinese culture affects their Christianity. Definitely recommended.
        Boundless, a 20-somethings ministry of Focus on the Family
        Michael Hyatt’s blog, great stuff for rising leaders ๐Ÿ™‚
        and of course, MTST!

        My freshman housegroup leader John-Michael is now a missionary to South Korea, working at an orphanage and planting a church in Seoul.
        My buddy Bryan left for the jungles of Peru for two years in the middle of college, and is now back at VT trying to graduate.

        Stuff Christians Like
        TED talks
        The Big Picture – The Boston Globe puts out large-res pictures of the current news (for example, right now it has pics of the volcano in Iceland). Very enjoyable sometimes, and very real and solemn at other times (like when they covered Haiti).

        hope that helps, and enjoy!

      • Josh Deng April 19, 2010

        oh right, I also wanted to explain that I don’t read all 104, of course…it’s a bit of acquired skill over time to learn to prioritize what I want to read. My Deals and News I just skim the headlines of, and if something interests me, I’ll click it. All the other blogs I will tend to read more of (especially the Think category), but I will skip a lot of them all the same.

    • elderj April 19, 2010

      i have the same categories (roughly) as the j-man, excepting the “deals” category

  3. Kacie April 19, 2010

    I follow a lot of blogs, especially those of friends and family. I’d love to recommend a few random blogs I really enjoy.

    Elizabeth Esther:

    A Chase After the Wind:

    Rachel Held Evans:


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