Has LOST Left You Behind?

More Than Serving Tea readers, do you watch LOST?

My husband and I are big fans. We jumped into the show at the start of Season 2 and because of the convergence of several personal transitions/crisis/circumstances we chose to self-medicate by buying Season 1 on DVD and spending many nights getting know Sayid, Jin, Sun and Hurley. We currently own the entire series. After Season 6 comes out we will need a new idea for a Christmas gift to ourselves.

Our appreciation for the show has deepened as our investment in the characters and what they stand for has increased. Tuesday night there were 17 of us watching the show’s final season premiere at our home, complete with Dharma Initiative food and costumes. We had guest appearances by Hurley, Charlie, pregnant Claire, the Smoke Monster, Kate, Eloise Hawking and Workman.

Seventeen of us – half of the group traveled from the city out to the burbs – gathered for food and fun in the middle of the work week to hang out, watch a great show and talk during the commercial breaks. The group was a fun mix of people who wouldn’t have any other reason to get together except for the fact that they all know me and my husband and we all love LOST.

LOST has created a community, and for me that has meant an excuse to invite people into my home and therefore into my life to break bread, drink some Dharma wine, watch a show and get to know one another. More than a few people having seen photos of our past LOST parties on Facebook have half-jokingly, half-seriously said they would start watching the show just to come to our goofy parties.

I’ve talked to many people who are not interested in the show at all, but many of them have commented on this community around the show. There is a sense of being on the outside, left behind. I know at least two people who have invested A LOT of time catching up on five seasons in order to catch this final season at the start. Is it that the show is that good or the community is that convincing?

Do you watch? Why? Why not?

Leave a comment. Better yet, the person leaving the best comment (as determined best by me and maybe my husband) about why you love the show or why you don’t watch the show in a limerick, haiku or iambic pentameter will win their choice of  1.)Dharma Initiative chocolates, 2.) Dharma Initiative iron-on transfer or 3.) a copy of More Than Serving Tea.

P.S. Here is a great article about why another fan is a fan.

UPDATE: Sorry I neglected to include a deadline for my little contest. This morning at 12:45 a.m. CST, just a few hours before the earthquake, my husband and I declared Sara as the winner of our LOST contest. Her prize will be in the mail this week.

But if you feel the urge to rhyme and write an ode to our beloved show LOST, please do so. We love LOST around here. With or without tea.


  1. Ben February 4, 2010

    was a college student with no time
    without a tv that was mine,
    when abrams began his series
    i was earning my degrees,
    but battlestar was divine.

    Really – I just never watched it when it started and have never been bothered to start (although early on it was because there wasn’t a defined point where the series was going to end and every just said it kept on bringing up more questions without answering them).

  2. AStephens February 4, 2010

    Fun idea! So here’s my first ever attempt at a haiku and why I couldn’t get my easily-scared self to watch the show:

    Gone Up in Smoke

    Blood smear on window
    Vision of screaming sister
    Locke’s glimpse of beauty

  3. Peggy E February 4, 2010

    I watched the beginning episodes but then it just always left me unsatisfied with so many unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions. Now when I watch the commercials, I’m really LOST.

  4. Lisa February 5, 2010

    I watch LOST because Season 1 was fantastic and because Season 2 was crazy and full of strange question revolving around the Dharma initiative that I once hoped would be answered.

    I love LOST because it’s the only show that ever caused me to want to read a message board on abc.com or any other .com. I love LOST because when Emma was born we dressed her in a polar bear costume in honor of Walt’s polar bear. I love LOST because when Jesse was a few days old he went to the season finale party at your house and received Dharma onesies.

    I love LOST because of the back stories and the surprises and the redemption. I love LOST because of the battle of good and evil, even if we never know who is good or who is evil. I love LOST because I am a LOSTIE.

    Also, Eko was the best LOST character ever and the only one to look Black Smoke Monster in the face.

  5. Kacie February 5, 2010

    Well, I’m not going to be creative but yes, I watch and LOVE Lost. It hooked me with the drama, dialogue, and characters in the first season, and since then I’ve just been hooked by the mystery – determined to figure out the answers to all the Lost questions!

    Then, of course, there’s the tantalizing pieces of Christian ideas that they throw out… 🙂 I just blogged about that.

  6. Monica Lai February 7, 2010

    I am definitely a huge LOST fan. I love it because it is full of mystery, suspense, and wild imagination. Truly a show with dynamic characters that I have completely fallen in love with!

    My favorite part of LOST is watching it my with fellow LOST fans. We looove anticipating every episode, overanalysing them for hours, and just having a great time(: There are so many themes, paradoxes, motiffs, dilemnas that we’ve picked up from the show, and it has been a fun and awesome!/excellent medium to share my faith as a Christian! Can’t wait to find out what happens next!(:

  7. Sara February 7, 2010

    I owe to “Lost” my gratitude
    It’s twists and turns brighten my mood
    With characters so endearing
    And the plot’s crazy steering
    It had me from Hurley’s first “Dude!”

    I’m a total Lostie. I love how believable the characters are and how unpredictable it is. I also think it says some great things about hope and love and even–in Sayid’s horrible attempt to set things right upon returning to the island–the myth of redemptive violence.

  8. J February 10, 2010

    There once was a chicken named Fred
    All day he just lay in his bed
    The chickens all cried,
    “Let’s go get him fried!”
    And soon he was in between bread.

    Oh… Lost… right. Let me try again d=

    Much time TV shows will demand
    There’s limits one must understand
    I was never intrigued
    By a bunch of fatigued
    Who are stuck in the tropical sand


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