Calcium, Sleep and Phone Calls Just Because: Welcome 2010

I’ve been MIA with the holidays taking over life. We had a great but full two weeks with family, friends and food, but today (Monday) the kids went back to school, and I went back to my Monday routine – cardio and sculpting class, lots of water, one latte, less food than last week’s average and quiet office time in my happy green office.

Our family rang in the New Year with Korean food, Japanese soda, a few rounds of Pit, a looooong round of Mexican Train (does anyone know why that dominos game is called Mexican Train? Elias wanted to rename it Asian Train), and lots of laughter over my inability to wakeboard on Wii Resort. I was asked what my New Year’s resolutions were…I usually don’t make resolutions because I don’t like the pressure.

But after thinking about it for a few days there are just three things I’d like more of in my life:

1. Calcium – there is nothing like seeing your shrinking grandmother to remind you that stronger bones are within reach. I started working out with more intentionality in 2008, and by the fall of 2008 I added weights (my sculpting class) to my routine. I love the class but I hate crunches and crazy pushups. This year I will finally listen to my doctor and add calcium supplements.

2. Sleep – I don’t get enough of it and it shows. It’s already past my bedtime. No LOST episodes tonight.

3. Phone calls just because – in an age of text messages, Facebook and blogging it’s tough to keep up and keep in touch with friends. Seriously. Status messages are great, but if I can’t see someone face-to-face hearing their voice is second best, not seeing an emoticon. I used to regularly call friends just to chat for a few minutes – no agenda, no reason, but technology in many ways created more busy work for me. I’m hoping to slow things down a bit and pick up the phone more often.

And if I had a #4 it would be to be more welcoming to all the newbies in my Monday morning cardio and sculpting classes.

Do any of you make New Year’s resolutions?


  1. Lisa January 5, 2010

    instead of making a resolution, i registered for a 5K. if i resolve to run, i won’t, but if i pay money for a race, i will 🙂

    • Kathy Khang January 5, 2010

      That’s probably why I make it to the gym every week. My membership fee is automatically deducted from my checking account. Too bad the gym can’t automatically get my heart rate up! When is the race? Peter is still running. He went out a few days ago, and I told him that for every one mile he runs in below-freezing temps counts double. 😉

      • Lisa January 5, 2010

        Good for Peter. The race is march 20th (during my spring break).

  2. sabrinachannel January 5, 2010

    Good list!

    I’m taking iron supplements for the next two months to see if that helps my crazy health stuff.

    And, more abstractly, I’m trying to live more like goodness and mercy are following me all the days of my life.

    I haven’t gotten a very good start to either of those, but tomorrow is a new day!

    • Kathy Khang January 5, 2010

      Thank God goodness and mercy follow us since I too have a problem following them!

      • sabrinachannel January 5, 2010

        yes, true that.
        and, just to report in – I took the iron today. woohoo!

  3. Stuart Ciske January 5, 2010

    As usual, the New Year, which was arbitrarily chosen to start in the dead of Winter to force us to watch all the infomercials and ad for losing weight and toning up, has deluded you into the false sense that happiness lies in a flat stomach and toned upper arms.

    Me, my resolutions are to : gain weight, drink more and start smoking so I can take full advantage of the new national health care initiative:)

    BTW, in reading your posts, it occurs to me that you are so darned level headed that by the time all is said and done, the work you do know and the writing of your blog will far outweigh anything you might have done as a working journalist. Keep up the great writing Kathy!

    • Kathy Khang January 5, 2010

      Your resolutions made me laugh out loud, Stu! I would have to agree with you on the flat stomach – crunches never make me happy. The toned upper arms, however, have always had a certain je nois sais quoi…Maybe it was seeing Linda Hamilton’s toned upper body that made me wonder if a reverse fly here and there wouldn’t hurt. They do hurt.

      All I can say is that you and Karen Umlauf had a profound impact on my life. “Real” writing was always something I simply thought about doing until high school journalism. After that I knew like you know a good melon. Writing simply is.

  4. butiknowiam January 5, 2010

    i loooove mexican train and have often wondered the same thing myself – why is it called mexican train?

  5. Melody Hanson January 6, 2010

    I think I’m in love with Stuart Ciske.

    But sadly, I gave up smoking and drinking last year and it wasn’t because of a resolution. And Tom would be disappointed to say the least.

    My resolutions this year were full of good intentions but kind of the laundry list of things I wish I were doing a better job at — too many, too idealistic and it’s only the 6th! Jeez!

    Thanks for bumming me out with your simple, wholesome and chaste resolutions.


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